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ftp publishing to web space
FTP - publishing into the Internet
FTP is the "file transfer protocol." 
Technically, FTP is a set of rules, commands, services, and syntax used to transfer files between computers on a TCP/IP network (which the Internet is).  
When you "publish" a Web site, usually you technically use the "FTP" in order to transfer the Web site from your PC to the computer that permanently hosts the Web site and makes it available to the whole world (a computer that is always connected - several companies rent space on a computer that's always connected, this is called "hosting"). 
Many people also use the word "FTP" as a verb to describe the process of transferring files using FTP's services and commands (for example, "I FTP'd those files to our office in Puyallup two days ago, but they still can't figure 'em out"). 
You may use the word "FTP" to describe the process of transferring the files that make up your website from your laptop computer to the worldwide web server that stores them on the Internet (where people can access them). 
Some Web site creator tools have a built-in FTP. VisualVision's EasyWebEditor and 1SITE have it and actually the internal publishing feature is so simple that it can automatically update/upload your web site with just one click (your web site consists in a lot of files, so it may be slow to upload everything when you update it - EasyWebEditor automatically detects and publishes only the modified files). 
ftp publishing
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