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domain name
Domain name registration, registrar
Register a domain name, or domain name registration, means to associate or or something else to your Web space. 
In other words, if somebody type on the browser, anywhere in the world, he/she/they see your Web site. 
The entity that provides the domain name registration service is usually called "registrar". 
If you want to associate a domain name to your Vision Host web space (in addition to your sub-domain supplied by default, that is immediately active anywhere in the world), you have to: 
- register a domain name with any popular registrar (e.g. 
- tell us (use this specific form, click here) the domain name and your VisionHost user name / subdomain so we can associate them (real association "parked domain", not just redirection) 
- enter the registrar's "Control Panel" 
- search for the "Name Servers Setup" 
- assign as Name Servers what we will tell us, example: 
In case the Registrar has not a Control Panel, you will have to contact them by email / phone or whatever. 
That's all. Usually then the domain will "resolve" (= be available, be seen anywhere in the world) within 72 hours. 
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