Setting Up Your POP or IMAP Email Address in Microsoft Outlook

This tutorial shows you how to set up Microsoft Outlook to work with your e-mail account. This tutorial focuses on setting up Microsoft Outlook 2003, but these settings are similar in other versions of Microsoft Outlook. You can set up previous versions of Microsoft Outlook by using the settings in this tutorial. Other programs such as Mozilla Thunderbird use the same settings, also, and the windows/dialogs are very similar.

To Set Up Your E-mail Account in Microsoft Outlook

  1. In Microsoft Outlook, from the E-mail Accounts menu, select Tools.
  2. On the E-mail Accounts wizard window, select Add a new e-mail account, and then click Next.
  3. For your server type, select POP3, and then click Next.
  4. On the Internet E-mail Settings (POP3/IMAP) window, enter your information as follows:
  5. Your Name
    Your first and last name.
    E-mail Address
    Your email address.
    User Name
    Your email address, again.
    Your email account password *
    Incoming mail server (POP3) e.g. if your domain is, write
    Outgoing mail server (SMTP)
    Your internet provider smtp server (this setting is provided by your ISP)**

    *NOTE: This is not your Hosting password, it is the email password we/you set up when creating your email account; you can create email accounts within the Control Panel; to get help about the Control Panel you can click "Help" on the top right. To access to your Control Panel, see the "Welcome" email message that you received when you subscribed our service.

    **NOTE: Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to get this setting. Why is this not set by us? For several reasons. First, for professional security: in case your ISP has problems reaching our server, or in case our server for whatever reason is down, with this setting you'll be still able to send out emails. Second, most ISP blocks the use of external servers for email sending.

    Then click the button More Settings.

  6. On the Internet E-mail Settings window, go to the Outgoing Server tab.
  7. Usually you should select My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.
  8. Usually you should select Log on using and enter the user name and password provided by your ISP.
  9. Click Advanced Tab if needed.
  10. Click Finish.

NOTE: As a courtesy, we provide information about how to use certain third-party products and services, but we do not endorse or directly support third-party products and we are not responsible for the functions or reliability of such products. Outlook is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Steps 5, 6, 7 may be different for certain ISP/Internet Service Providers. Please kindly ask your ISP for more details. We are unable to know the precise settings of your ISP and we are unable to provide more support in this direction.

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